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Fallen X-Games hero, adrenalin-junkie spider, ORB, attempts to make the ultimate comeback with a team of insects caught in his web.

Counting the Stars

When Chrissie’s artist dad gets cancer, their idyllic country life is thrown into turmoil. The family moves to Brisbane, where Mum emotionally detaches and Dad finds inspiration creating coffins. As Chrissie fights to save her dad, she starts to feel it’s going to be as impossible as counting the stars.

Dog Park

A dark comedy of canine and human politics set around a neighbourhood dog park, featuring an ensemble cast of dog owners and their pets.  Everyone gets along fine, they know where they stand in the pack, animal and human. 

Until the day of the dog attack.  When everything goes to hell in a handbasket

Sidetracked By Love

Meet Olivia, an Olympic track medallist, and Jake, an Australian farmer and town hero – one single-minded to the nth degree, the other big-hearted to a fault. The games fire up when the two are sidetracked on an outback adventure, proving the size of the hurdle is no barrier to love.

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